An International Montessori Society accredited school 


At Growing Hearts Montessori, we strive to create a community that is your child's home away from home.  We're committed to educating young minds and preparing students for all life has to offer.

We believe in Maria Montessori's method of engaging the entire student, and our approach provides a focused atmosphere where a child can develop at his or her own pace.  Students are quickly immersed in a tight-knit community where sharing knowledge with peers in encouraged. Our curriculum emphasizes independence, too, and helps students begin to learn how to accomplish tasks on their own.  


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Our classroom is as diverse as the world around us, allowing the student to be the natural discoverer. We track progress on a personal level complemented with small class sizes

best preschool jefferson city - Growing Hearts Montessori School


Our program utilizes proven Montessori tools that assist the learner through the lesson. The students are hands on and in control, allowing them to self-correct errors in a positive environment.

best preschool jefferson city - Growing Hearts Montessori School


Our goal is independence -- students who act without direct interaction. We cultivate a classroom in which the students drive themselves to learn and advance. We are simply guides in this process, and we strive to create lifelong learners driven by curiosity.

best preschool jefferson city - Growing Hearts Montessori School


Language and learning is about repetition.  Whether it's our morning time "Buenos Dias," song or using "por favor" rather than "please," every day is about expanding English and Spanish vocabulary, authentically.  


The staff at Growing Hearts treat my little guy like their own. They are very cautious with the first sign of any kind of health issue and very communicative with parents. My 8 month old loves the ladies in the infant room. He is always smiling at drop off and pick up -- I know he is in awesome hands! The school interior (even in the basement) is very modern and clean with good daylight.

-- Laura C 2018



Mathematics is more artistry than monotany in this program. The student will learn to identify numbers and what they truly represent with strong visual examples, getting children to stop counting with fingers and start counting in their minds. Students will learn to add, subtract, count to 100, and beyond.

red and blue rods with numbers and count

Sensorial is all about engaging the entire body in education. Smelling, tasting, touching, seeing, and hearing allows the child to make long-lasting connections and is the key to strong retention of information. 

best preschool jefferson city - Growing Hearts Montessori School
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Language Arts is learning how to correctly use and identify letters. Through phonetics and linking pictures with words, the students learn how to sound out and blend letters to make words. More advanced lessons engage the child in reading and writing full sentences, even asses comprehension.

best preschool jefferson city - Growing Hearts Montessori School

Cultural Studies is a trip around the world without ever leaving the classroom! Students will be able to appreciate the beauty of their surroundings through the eyes of a scientist. Emphasis will be placed on positive values and how to co-exist with all via social studies. We allow the student to explore the world and all its wonder.

best preschool jefferson city - Growing Hearts Montessori School

Practical Life is learning how to use everyday things, from pouring a glass of water to tying our shoes. This complements all other lessons and aids the child in being a more productive member of the classroom, at home, and beyond.